Medication Management

Are you taking your medication on time?

 Medication routines can become increasingly complex. It is essential that a regular and accurate schedule is followed. Our trained and experienced caregivers can help. While iAID Caregivers are unable to assist with administering any medications they are able to help remind a parent when it is time to take their medications.  Assistance can also be given with reading labels and opening of containers.  Trips to the pharmacy and pick ups can also be coordinated.  

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iAID Medication Management Program

 iAID's Medication Management Program provides guidance on proper medication management for the elderly. Understanding the medication, having complete medical records, monitoring when clients/patients take their medication and carefully following instructions are all important components of the iAID healthy medication management program.

Misuse of any type of medication, especially those prescribed for treatment of chronic diseases can be dangerous and may ultimately lead to death.  Improper medication management is most commonly evident among seniors and especially Alzheimer's / Dementia patients.  Due to the unfortunate psychological alterations such conditions may cause,  individuals tend to overdose, skip doses, take the wrong medications and at times may even forget to their pills.

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We actually take the time to set up a system for our clients which would include:

  • Reviewing the medication list with our client and family members 
  • Reviewing proper medicine scheduling
  • Reviewing proper consumption of medicines
  • Monitoring medication usage
  • Setting up medications in the calendar
  • Picking up prescriptions to ensure needed availability
  • Assisting in scheduling medical appointments

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Each patient's medication program will include a customized care plan that will include the following services:

  • Medication Reminders
  • Compliance Reporting 
  • Assistance with Medication Refills/Pill Boxes
  • Medication/Dosage Education 
  • Reporting of any Side Effects/Reactions of certain medications
  • Daily Log of medication intake and time

iAID Medication Management Program will not only assist clients with compliance and proper medication intake.  Our specialized Home Health Care team will work with you, your family and personal Doctor to improve the effectiveness of your treatment and promote better health.  

Based on experience and collective data of iAID clients/patients, changes to nutritional lifestyle and vitamin intake has demonstrated improved health and recovery process.  Our iAID Medication Management program will work with our Client's Doctor (and other Healthcare professionals)  to suggest additions of suitable vitamins to daily medication intake.

Careful medication compliance can be the determining factor between staying independent or not.