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Our Senior Companion Care services make a difference


When we age, life begins to gradually slow down. There is suddenly more spare time to socialize, yet it is not necessarily always convenient to plan social activities around everything else we have going on. Whether you live across the country or down the street from your aging family members, it is comforting to have the assurance of knowing that they have someone by their side whenever needed. 

Because sometimes finding the right home care for your loved ones is about just knowing they have a friendly, compassionate companion who visits regularly.

The Companion caregivers at iAID will keep your loved one’s mind active meanwhile ensuring they have fun according to their interests and needs, all while maintaining their safety at home. 

Benefits of our iAID Companionship Services:

Two of the most common factors contributing to the regression of mental and physical health in seniors are lack of social life and depression.  Companionship is key to ward off feelings of depression and loneliness when one is living alone at home.  The Home Companionship team at iAID is here to provide companionship services in and out of the home. We are committed to ensure that your loved ones continue to enjoy the activities and lifestyle they love for as long as possible. Our senior companion care services provide safe escort and enjoyable companionship for them to maintain connection with their family, friends and community.

From taking away loneliness to ensuring proper nutrition, companionship services have many benefits for Clients. If you suspect your loved one is not sufficiently eating, for example, having a Companion / Homemaker available to cook nutritious meals can definitely help improve your loved one's health.

The following are just a few of the Companionship Services iAID caregivers offer:

  • Prompts & Reminders
  • Organizing Daily Activities
  • Social Events & Visits
  • Gardening / Walks / Games / Puzzles / Read Books
  • Personal Correspondence and memoirs 
  • Monitoring for Safety at Home
  • And More...