Bedside and Palliative Caregivers

Bedside Compassionate Care

What is Hospice / Cancer Care?

Hospice care is a form of palliative aide provided to patients with advanced cancer and other diseases with an estimated life expectancy. The main focus of hospice/cancer care is to provide the necessary aide to patients, who are no longer receiving palliative treatments, and their families cope with the physical and emotional effects of death and dying.

The care provided ensures the patient compassionate care that allows for the highest quality of life possible. Hospice care services can be provided at home or in a specialized facility.

iAID recognizes that patients with advanced stages of cancer may feel helpless and overwhelmed when their chances of "winning the battle" become limited.  However we will take sides with our patients' battle till the end, nevertheless do everything possible to ensure the patient and their family approach the end of life with confidence and in comfort, peace, and dignity.

iAID Hospice Care Program

Most cancer patients prefer to stay at home when the decision for hospice care becomes imminent. This unfortunate end of life period is extremely difficult, but it is often easier to face when the patient is in familiar surroundings, close to friends and family. Being at home with family and loved ones gives our patients a sense of contentment and peace.

The iAID in home Hospice Care program is designed to establish a care plan that provides supportive services to complement our patient's care provider. We will work with the family members and Doctors to ensure that we are at the bedside of our patient at every moment. iAID's Personal Home Health Care and Companion Care services, combined with the care of the patient's family and interdisciplinary team , will ensure that our patient is attended to at all times and all needs are met. Let us make this phase of life a little easier for your entire family.

If you have a family member or a loved one in the process of facing the end of life battle, iAID is here for you.  Contact us and we will work with your hospice provider to establish the most effective way our caregivers can contribute.    Email:  ​